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Executive Leadership Team


Maryann P. Gailah

President/CEO/HR Director

As a first generation college graduate for my family, I always knew that success was on the other side of discomfort. Throughout my career, I always knew that I wanted to be in a field where I can make an impact on someone’s life and contribute to their success. Spending over 9 years as an Human Resources professional, building relationships with work teams became natural for me, and I wanted to use those characteristics to have a foundation for my company. 


In 2019, I had an amazing opportunity to be part of the Amazon DSP program. Through this endeavor, I had an opportunity to make my vision a reality. Starting with just 5 routes to running an average of 25-30 is a huge win for myself and my team and even more to achieve. I am proud to be the President and CEO of Exclusive Elevations.

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