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Company Overview

Exclusive Elevations is an umbrella company that focuses on finding efficient solutions for our clients. We provide delivery services for our clients by sourcing/assigning reliable couriers and drivers to provide an exceptional level of customer service through expedited deliveries. Along with our logistics division, we offer services in business consulting and corporate event planning.

Company History

Exclusive Elevations LLC was incorporated in August 2019 where the company owners had a vision to elevate their staff members in their vision. As a collective, the goal was to achieve success through learning the skill sets of the individuals who were brought on to the team and maximize on client building relationships.

In October of 2019, Exclusive Elevations landed a contract with Amazon Logistics and was part of the groundbreaking of the Essex, MD delivery station.

Since then, Exclusive Elevations has achieved many successes; from growing their staffing to six times what they started from in 2019, building a solid team of drivers and managers to operate in a customer obsessed environment, and to stay true to the goal in ELEVATING those around them.

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